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How to use it?

To start using the Intersection task first complete the proper installation. Also make sure that the system settings for Novapoint is pointing to the correct *.exe-file to be able to work.

  1. Create an Intersection task with two or more alignments as input.
  2. Set a Calculation Basis. Without it, it will not produce the ditches or fills.
  3. Complete the task.
  4. Double-click on the task to start the tool. Please wait.
  5. You will see a plan view of you intersection. Edit the input as you'ld like.
  6. Define a pavement and ditch construction through the button [Select Structure…].
  7. Press OK to complete the tool.
  8. View the results of your Intersection task by viewing it in 3D in the Quadri model.

Here is a quick introduction in how to use the Intersection task:

3D Intersection Design 21.1

3D Intersection tool v 19.40-00

3D Intersection tool v 18.40-00

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