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Novapoint Railway

How is Railway different from 18 to 19DCM?

1. Project ID

The Project ID dialogue no longer exists in 19. Active lines and models can be selected either in the tools (i.e. Line construction og Railway model) or using the Select Task dialogue available from the Railway and Road menu. By default, the latest created line and model will be the active objects, so if you create a new object in 19DCM and then switch to Autocad to create line and model, the most recently line and model will be pre-selected for you. All lines and models will be available in the Task-list in 19DCM and can be arranged and sorted as you wish.

2. Line objects

Before starting construction of a new line you must first create an empty Line object in 19DCM. Once you have done this, switch to Autocad and start construction. Where you would previously give the line a name and save it to the Terrain Model in 18, you now save the line to a Line object to ensure it is saved to the Quadri Model in 19. Apart from this Line Construction is done in the same way as in 18.

3. Railway model object

Before defining a new Railway model you must first create an empty Railway model in 19DCM. This is a similar operation to creating a new model using Project ID in 18. Once the new model has been created, you can open it and fill in the values as before. This can be done either directly in 19DCM or in Autocad as before.

4. Draw map from terrain model

There is a difference in the way a map is transferred from the digital terrain model to Autocad. Previously this was done using the function “Draw map from Terrain Model” under Novapoint - Map, or from the Terrain Model Viewer. In 19DCM you first have to make a Plan View using View - Plan and selecting the objects you wish to be shown in the view, and the Presentation Rule to be used to present the data. This Plan View can be reconfigured later, in case you wish to add or remove data from the selection set or change anything else. Once in Autocad, use the function Novapoint - Drawing presentations from Quadri - Draw plan view to transfer the map to Autocad.

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