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You may import information from files to the active Quadri Model. During the import process we refer to the file(s) as the source and the active Quadri Model as the target.

NB! If your Binder has more than one Quadri Model attached to it, remember to set the correct one active by right-clicking the Quadri Model node in Explorer and select Set Active.

When you do a file import you will get a task (of type import) in the process model that documents what you did, in this case, what file you imported, when you did it, what conversion rule you used, and more.

In addition you will get a task result, in this case, a set of features that was imported to the model. The features are added to the feature model, the task has a result query to remember what features were created during this import.

Re-do an import

If a file has changed since you imported it, you can re-import it.

In Explorer, right-click the import task, select Edit task, click Finish.

Since the import task has all the information needed from previous import, it will now re-do the import with the latest version of the file (assuming that the file name and path is still the same).

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