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Quadri Model

Novapoint uses the Quadri model as it's central multi-phase, multi-discipline model.

The Quadri model has 3 main parts; 1) Tasks, 2) Features and 3) Transport Network.

Tasks The Task concept in Quadri is used to help organize the process. First of all a task is meant to capture real tasks done by the users, like Alignment Design Task, Road Modelling Task, etc. It is a way of digitizing this process. The task has information about what features the task need as input, what task properties are needed for the tool to perform it, and what resulting features are created from this task. Both input and result are handled using queries to the feature part of Quadri. Tasks are also used to classify the features for different purposes. Example of this is to classify all features based on construction work codes, and thus connect a feature set with a special construction work

Features The Feature part is based on the ISO 19100-series standards (ISO TC 211), using the principle of a Feature Type Catalogue to define the content of the model.

This ISO-standard defines how the information can be modeled, e.g. the legal geometry types, etc.

A given Feature Catalogue has a set of feature type (object type) definitions, organized into Feature Type Groups.

To have a true international standard within a domain, the community needs to both agree on using the ISO TC 211 as the modelling platform, but also agree on a specific set of feature type definitions.

Transport Network

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