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Version 19.20.FP1.b

Updates in Novapoint Base DCM

Share, Receive, Reserve/Release

FIXED: If you had plan or 3D windows open when doing Share, Receive, Reserve or Release, on some projects you got a message saying: Closing Program, and Novapoint DCM closed. This is now fixed.


FIXED: Import TMG, if the TMG files had group with TIN structure, the import crashed when importing/creating the triangulated surface. This is now fixed.

Updates in Novapoint Base (AutoCAD)

Draw longitudial profile from terrain model

FIXED: Draw sometimes failed if one used heigth task as calculation base. Height task using “Select all” as selection gave the error message: TableObjUtils invalid: 'TableObjUtils found error at “LsData.TterrainInfo”'This is now fixed.

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