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Version 19.2X.FP4b

Updates in NovapointDCM Base

  • Fixed error when reading dynamic attributes from local storage (-1076, -1079, -1106, -1023)
  • Changed the presentation rule in plan presentation tool, when already changed in plan window
  • Fixed a crash in the Ground Surface Tool
  • Fixed a crash related to NP19_0_WS.QuadriModel.WS already exixts
  • Ground Surface Tool: Make sure Options settings count even if you dont open the dialog and say Save to task - Fixed
  • Ground Surface Tool: Ensure that the flat triangle removal option is not active when we only have point data
  • Ground Surface Tool: Bug in the flat triangle removal, it creates triangles reduced to 2 points causing problems when restoring the tinsurface later on. It happens even more often for the point data.
  • Error saving binder if network connection is lost
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