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Version 21.xx.FP4g

Updates in Novapoint Base

Create Volumes

FIXED: In order to ensure better quality regarding the results of volume calculations a few measures have been taken:

- the possibility to select 'subsurface' input or include 'holes' in the calculation are removed from the ribbon. If an existing task include these values they will be ignored when calculation takes place.

- 'base' and 'comparison' inputs are now limited to be one feature only. If an existing task include multiple features input it will disable the 'Finish' button, and the tool will give a warning message in the process info.

- the tool now perform an extra background calculation - if an error is found in the calculation, it won't produce the result solid feature. It will instead create a zip-file of the optimized model and ask the user to send this to the Trimble support team for further investigation.

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