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Calculation Basis and Illustration Objects

I have picked a task with features as input, but I get no features selected

Answer 1: The task you have picked does not actually have any features related to it. Try to look at the task you want as input in a separate 2d view with “Draw All” presentation setup. Do you see anything in that view? If Yes, then check answer nr. 2.

Answer 2: Check that the query is not narrowing down the data with a featuretype selection.

In many cases the user has (at an earlier point in time) made a query on a task and narrowed down the selection to some featuretypes related to it. Then later one might want to change to a different kind of task that has none of these featuretypes. The dynamic query will in these cases show 0 features selected.

Clean up the dynamic query so that there are no checkboxes in the features query. Features that are not related the selected task will be hidden, but they can be unhidden.

A quick way to clean up the whole dynamic query is to use the 'Clean' function.

Getting a featuretype from one task, and some other featuretype from the another task, but both tasks contain both featuretypes

Answer: The dynamic query does not handle getting a featuretype from ONE specific task, but picks this feature type from all task used as input. One solution to the problem is to narrow down the selection before coming to the design task.
F.ex. the selection on featuretypes for these two input tasks can be done through two separate collection tasks.
Then use the collecton tasks as input to the design task.

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