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Exporting roadmodel files from the project

The roadmodel files for your road task is located on a file location on your computer/server. To get to them can in some cases be difficult and we here show how to do this for different situations.

  • Exporting from task
  • Finding files on a local/server project
  • Exporting multiple road task files

Exporting from task

In most cases it is possible to export the roadmodel files from the road task.
Novapoint 21 and forwards: Edit road task > Design > Import/Export > Export MODEL Novapoint 20 and backwards: Edit road task > Design > Import/Export > Export GEN

In the export process dialog you can rename the road task.

Finding road model files on a local/server project

  1. In the Properties window, press the cogwheel to 'View internal attributes'

  2. Take note of the GUID for the road task in the Properties window

  3. Take note of the location of the project in the Properties window

  4. Navigate to the project location
  5. Find the folder with the same name as the GUID
  6. Copy the files

This method also gives access to all the files related to the task, as; conversion file (XML), draw to CAD file (ModelDwgCfg), KM-stationing (Railway task).

The original filenames is not necessarily identical to the road task name.
Check the road task properties for the filename that is in use.

If you need to rename any roadmodel files it is possible to do this for Novapoint 21 road model files. Rename the the DMI/DMR files. They MUST have the same names to be able to work together.

Never rename the road model files inside the project as it might make the project corrupt.

Exporting multiple roadtask files

This is a manual process to do where you do either one of the solutions presented above.

However, there is a faster process you could try to quicken the process:

  1. Export the road tasks to a *.Quadrimodel file format
  2. Find the Quadrimodel exported files. There you will find many folders with the GUID names, each representing a road task
  3. Search the exported folders/files in Windows to present all files in a list (search for f.ex *.*
  4. Copy the files to a new location
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