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Adding detailed aggregate

When building a road model it is possible to add materials and aggregates/material fractions to the features that are produced. Normally these informations are added to the appropriate attributes on the features, but could also be added add generic attributes.

Here we see the attributes:

  • aggregate > materialNature
  • aggregate > detailedMaterialDescription
  • aggregate > userDefinedMaterialNature
For the StructLayer feature the 'materialNature' already has some info on the default conversionrule for road tasks.

'detailedMaterialDescription' would typically hold the information for the aggregate fractions.

'userDefinedMaterialNature' would hold the information for a user specified materialNature. Typically a type of materialNature not defined by the Feature Catalogue.

Changing 'materialNature'

To change the 'materialNature', go to the conversion rules for results for the road task.

Scroll to the conversion rule for 'StructLayer' and select it.

Select the 'View Attribute Conversion per Feature.

Scroll to the attribute conversion for materialNature and select the button to the far right.

The predefined mappings are based on the VIPSSURFACENO attribute (1) that comes from the roadmodel.
For each pavement layer that is produced they hold the information for which pavement layer they belong to (2). Based on this information it is possible to set what 'materialNature' to use (3).

Changing 'detailedMaterialDescription'

As for changing the mapping for 'materialNature' it is possible to set the mapping for 'detailedMaterialDescription' also.

Add an attribute conversion for detailedMaterialDescription based on the VIPSSURFACENO information.

Add a mapping for this data, f.ex PAVEMENT_WEARING_COURSE.

Check that the features in Quadri are produced as requested.

Note that if one mapping is not set by the user, f.ex leaving out a mapping for VIPSSURFACENO = PAVEMENT_BINDER_COURSE_1, then the 'detailedMaterialDescription' for binder course 1 will be 'PAVEMENT_BINDER_COURSE_1 which would be strange.

If only a few of the layers are having 'detailedMaterialDescription' added to them, we recommend making separate rules in the conversion file for these features, because in NP21 all pavement layers are handled in one rule.

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