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Draw Intersection to CAD

The Intersection task does not have a draw function so you can draw it directly to CAD. If you want to draw the Intersection task to CAD you need to follow these simple steps depending on what you want to see.

Draw edges and breaklines with Draw Horizontal Geometry

The Intersection task produces many Line tasks as a result. Draw them to CAD.

  1. Open CAD
  2. Open Draw Horizontal Geometry from the Road Ribbon in CAD.
  3. Pick the alignments that you want to draw.

Draw surfaces and edgelines

The results created by the Intersection task can be drawn to CAD through exporting a Plan Presentation task. With this solution you can draw the road surfaces and edgelines that the Intersection task produced.

  1. Make a Plan Presentation task
  2. Pick a Presentation Setup that shows the design as you want it to look. If you don't find an appropriate Presentation Setup then you can make your own.
  3. Export to DWG. In this process you can also set up a layer mapping that maps the renderhandler in the Presentation Setup to a layername in CAD.

Draw side areas with slopesymbols

Make a roadmodel of the sideareas and draw them as you do with regular road models.

  1. Make an Intersection task
  2. Select the Structure Template named “Intersection Traffic Area without SideArea”. If you already have added a structure template then you need to define the pavement thicknesses again when adding the template.
  3. Complete the task and see the results in the Quadri model.
  4. Use the Line tasks created for the roadedges as reference alignments for the “SideArea Road Models”.
  5. Now you can draw the “Side Area Road models” to CAD as a regular road model and get the slope symbols.

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