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Novapoint Base

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Novapoint connected to AutoCAD?

When you start Novapoint Base - a windows standalone application - you also may manually or automatically load AutoCAD. But you do not need to do so, and thus you can run Novapoint Base as a standalone application.

When Novapoint Base loads AutoCAD, the two applications connect, so that data can be transported seamlessly between the two, e.g. when you do Alignment Design.

Can Novapoint run standalone?

Yes, Novapoint Base may run standalone, e.g. to investigate a Quadri model. See also section above.

When importing, can I filter out erroneous data?

The whole import process has been totally changed from earlier versions. One of the main goals has been to make you able to filter out “bad” data, and to avoid a “polluted” model. This goes all the way from features with line geometry where the line only consisted of one point, to verification of the coordinate reference system, to avoid importing features with wrong coordinates. The new import functionality provide graphical support and other stuff to help you through the import process.

Does Novapoint support latest version of SOSI?

We have worked a lot on handling SOSI in a best possible way, and this is turning out very well. Our goal is of course 0 loss of information. In addition we are creating a best possible 3D-model based on SOSI data.

Can I define sub-surface layers?

Yes. Sub-surface layers are removed from the road and Railway models, and will be fully integrated with the Quadri model, as part of the modelling of existing situation. Sub-surface layers are defined almost as the ground surface, but with a few extra methods. Remember to add the sub-surface layers as calculation basis for roads or any other design where cutting into existing terrain is a possibility.

Can I use Orthophotos?

Both Orthophoto and Web Map Service (WMS) are supported, i.e. geo-referenced photos that are dynamically downloaded from servers (in the same way as Google Map’s mapping solution works). Both plan and 3D window supports the use of this.

Can I do clash detection (interference checks) in Novapoint?

This is possible to do in Novapoint Virtual Map.

Does Novapoint support Coordinate Reference Systems?

Novapoint Base and the Quadri model supports handling of coordinate reference system (CRS). Coordinate reference systems are defined based on ESPG coding. As long as we have access to”approved” libraries for performing coordinate transformations, we will support transformations too. Files that are imported are checked for coordinate reference system info.

Graphics card tips

Unless using a very basic computer, you will most likely have a decent graphics card in addition to the Intel one. The issue can be that Windows runs Novapoint with the integrated graphics card (the bad one) because that is what Windows does by default.

The way to solve this is to make sure Windows executes Novapoint with the other one (the decent one). How it is managed depends on the setting. In NVIDIA you normally (though not always) can right click in the .exe file, “Run with graphics processor” and select NVIDIA. When you do that once, Windows should remember it and subsequent launches of the executable are ran with the graphics card of your last choice. Sometimes you need to insist a couple of times for it to remember.

When that option doesn't exist because your decent graphics card is e.g. ATI (which is not ideal but should be fine in most of the cases too), or because for some reason that option in the context menu doesn't appear, another way is to have your computer to run in Performance Mode. In settings or right-clicking in the battery icon of the taskbar, click Power options and change from “Balanced” to “High performance”. Then Windows will not use the Intel graphics at all (whose the only reason to exist is to save energy - and give us headaches).

Also, notice that we officially support NVIDIA graphics cards as it is stated in the requirements.

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