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Backup and autosave

Novapoint saves the project automatically every time you use a function that has this button

But you must make sure to save while using other features that create, cleans and clears in the Explorer.

You can always select a task and drag it to move it to another location in the explorer. In addition, you can right click a task. In the menu that appears, you can, for example, rename, or delete a task:

Every time you select “Save All”

the backupfile is updated. This backup file is a copy of the complete project.

Novapoint runs an AutoSave everytime you select Finish in a task. This is saved to the model file but nbot to the backup file. If you close a model and select not to Save the model will be rolled back to the backup file, that is rolled back to the last time you took a Save All.

When you Open a model an autmatic check is preformed on whether the model and the backup file are the same. If not you will receive a a warning that the model has been regenerated from the backupfile.

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