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Task Connector for Tekla Structures


Quadri Task Template
  1. Have both Novapoint and Tekla Structures open.
  2. Launch Quadri Task Connector(QTC).
  3. Close QTC and restart Novapoint.

The Tekla Structures template should now be available in Novapoint.

Quadri Model Preparation
  1. Create a new General Design Task using the Tekla Structures task template. Insert - Design
  2. Configure Calc. Basis
    • In “Tasks” choose the tasks that contain the relevant features.
    • In “Features” choose features which will be available for import.
    • In “Location” define one chainage reference interval by double-clicking an alignment task. Also define a Location shape. QTC will allow multiple Location shapes, but only one chainage reference interval.
Define Location shape
  1. In the Quadri model, create a plane view of the area/objects of interest.
  2. For the task of interest: Right Click - Edit Task. The Location polygon is defined in Calc. Basis.

Tekla Structures model preparations
  1. Define a Base point
    • Navigate to Main menu - Project properties - Base points
    • Create a new Base point by clicking the Base points-button
    • Click the pluss sign, enter a name and coordinates of a point near the relevant location in the Quadri model.
    • Make sure to have the Base point activated before importing features with QTC.

User Interface

  1. List of Quadri Tasks which have been created using the Tekla Structures task template.
  2. Refreshes the Quadri task list, updating any changes made in the tasks.
  3. Feature tree. These are the features contained in the selected task. Marked features will be imported.
  4. Imports the marked features from the Quadri task into the Tekla Structures model.
  5. Displays the chainage intervals for the chosen alingment in the feature tree.
  6. Sets the default accuracy for the imported alignments.
  7. Exports the currently selected parts in the Tekla Structures model into the Quadri task.
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