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Create a coordinate file for ortofoto

To insert orthophotos into Novapoint, we need both the image file, and the corresponding coordinate file. If you don't have a coordinate file for the ortophotos, but have a DWG with orthophotos inserted correctly in the coordinate system, you have the opportunity to create this coordinate file yourself. The method shows how to make a coordinate file in MMM-format.

In AutoCAD open the DWG where the ortophoto(s) are inserted. Use ID command and click bottom left and top right corner of each ortophoto frame. Write down the coordinates.

Open a text editor program like Notepad on your computer, and make a text file like this for each of the ortophotos:

Save each of the files with the same name as the JPG, but with extension *.mmm. The folder with the files (image- and coordinate files) should look like this:

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