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SketchUp BETA w/Novapoint

  • Q: Why SketchUp w/Novapoint? Why did we implement this?

A: We wanted to help our customers create 3D material in a fun and creative way. You can create 3D data in Novapoint today but the CAD work contain challenges. With this tool you get the best of both worlds. Georeferenced SketchUp. There are endless use cases and ways to use this integration - for all disciplines. We hope this can bring great value to users of Novapoint, especially Landscape architects.

  • Q: Why is there a Beta on the SketchUp button?

A: The application need more testing and development.

  • Q: Why is it called a SketchUp Integration and not Connector?

A: Because this is a two-way communication tool. We want SketchUp Integration as tight an integration to Novapoint as possible, and the customer should use it as if it was one application.

  • Q: Cool, can I use 3D Warehouse with this tool?

A: Yes! You can use 3D Warehouse with this tool!

  • Q: Can I edit geometry from Novapoint?

A: Yes! This is possible. We have 2 panels: Reference data (only for visualization) & Modifiable data for changing/adding geometry.

  • Q: Can i draw whatever I like and get it imported to Novapoint?

A: Yes! Just for the fun of it!

  • Q: Working like this feels kind of slow … why does it takes such a long time?

A: These parameters control the performance of the application:

Your internet connection, are you using ethernet or wifi? Trimble Connect speed, this may vary a bit SketchUp file size & polygon count you send between Novapoint and SketchUp

We are pursuing multiple initiatives to speed up this process. If you chose to work with SketchUp Desktop, these problems will not apply

  • Q: Why do I need to log in twice? This doesn’t seem very logical.

A: You need to login twice with Trimble Connect, one time in Novapoint and one time in SketchUp. We are working closely with the SketchUp team to achieve SSO (Single sign on).

  • Q: OK Great! But the new data is not imported to my main model. Why?

A: There is a natural delay before pressing the Finish button. The file needs to be saved to Trimble Connect. We can't track that today, but we’re working on it.

NB! DONT push Finish, the new data will not be loaded into SketchUp.

Push OK and have a SketchuTastic Life!

  • Q: I dont get my data into SketchUp Free. (Failed to communicate with model provider)

A : Delete the “cefcage” folder and try again C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Temp\Trimble

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