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Importing Basics

MOUS_ICO The Import Tool is started from Insert tab.

When selected a contextual tab is loaded, where you may fill in the properties, from what file you will import, conversion rule set, etc.

Task Template

The task template for import can have predefined values for file type, for conversion rules, and more.

You can give the task a name and place it in the task hierarchy.

Select File(s)

You first browse to the file you want to import (remember to check file type filter!)

You can import multiple files as long as they are of the same type.

If it is important for you to be able to handle the information from the file specifically later on, it is recommended to import one file at a time. If the files are considered to be “one package of information”, it is efficient to import all at once.

Conversion Rules

Select Conversion rule(s) that best suits the content of the file(s) you have selected. You may select more than one conversion rule, where conversion rule no 1 is first used to convert as much as possible from the source. Then, if any information left, the second conversion rule will be used, until either all information is converted, or all the conversion rules has been used.

Information left after the conversion process is finished, will not be imported by default.

The Quadri model is an object-oriented model, that is, it consists of features like “GuardRail, CarriagewayEdge, Fence”. When importing data from other sources, the import system has functionality to “objectify” the information, even if the original format is not object-oriented.

The Conversion Rules handles the “objectification” by, based on the set of rules, create objects that can go into the Quadri model as presumably intelligent information.


If the file has geometry with another coordinate reference system than the target Quadri model, you may transform the co-ordinates before importing it.

In some cases, typically for ASCII-based co-ordinate file formats, the northing and easting (x,y) can be switched. Use the Switch X/Y tool fix this before import.

Select Features to Import

You may select a portion of the information you want to import. Select by feature type(s) and/or by location (area, e.g. make a polygon).


If you want to preview the data before they are imported

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