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Roadmodel files (*.dmi, *.gen)

Using an Import task for roadmodel files will import only the terrain cross-sections and alignments that are found in the roadmodel files. To import the resulting model for the road design you need to also create a road task based on these files.

Import of roadmodels and respective alignments must be done in a two-step process:

  1. Import of alignments and terrainprofiles (this documentation)

Go to Import in the Insert-tab in Novapoint Base.

Select files from the Indata box.

  • For DMI-files pick the format Corridor (*.dmi)
  • For GEN-files pick the format VIPS (*.gen)

Then select the file to import.

In the dialog for Settings for import of roadmodel go to:

VIPS and select if you want

  • Ground and Sub-surface layers
  • Alignments
  • Selected data

Ground Surface/Sub Surface and select which ground and subsurfaces will be read

Alignment filter select which lines should be included. You'll also see which lines will be created with properties as for referencelines.
Set additional checkboxes in the right column to make more alignments set as referencelines.

Press OK on the dialog.

Select Rules and select conversion rule to use:

  • For DMI-files use DMI Roadmodel
  • For GEN-files use NP RoadModel.

Finish the import with OK.

Now all lines, terrain from cross section calculations and surface layers are imported. Now ground surface can be triangulated based on terrain lines from cross section calculations.

The road task is yet not made.
This is done by starting a new road task and following step 2 in this documentation.

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