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Insert Frame/Panel

The function draws the desired frame and title box. The dialog box Select Page Format will pop up which lists all the pre-defined drawing layouts. Layouts can be identified with the names A0, A1, A2, etc.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Novapoint Base: Insert Frame/Panel

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Drawing Layouts > Insert Frame/Panel…

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog box Select frame format will pop up. Select drawing format by clicking on the desired standard at the top left of the screen. If none of these fit, you can create formats by clicking on the key New/Change. When you have selected a format to insert into the drawing, the following command prompt will appear:

Indicate the lower left corner of the frame <0,0,0>: Pick the lower left corner of the frame. The frame is inserted, with title box if you have selected this and in the scale of the drawing.


The orientation of the sheet can be defined such as Portrait or Landscape.


The key New/Change enables to configure the drawing sheet and define a new drawing sheet. The dialog box Sheet setup is having a graphic area, which displays the preview of the sheet selected.


The key enables to define new drawing sheet. The dialog box Sheet name will pop up. Name the new drawing sheet and click OK to create new drawing layout.


The key enables to Save the drawing sheet and the key Delete deletes a pre-defined drawing sheet.

Note: The option Margins and Sheet Format of the dialog box Sheet Setup can not be edited unless New… has been pressed.

Sheet Format [mm]

The Width and Height of the sheet can be defined at these fields. The unit of measurement is millmetre. The preview at the graphic area will update the changes.

Margin [mm]

The margins, upper, lower, left and right of the drawing sheet can be defined at the respective fields. The unit of measurement is millmetre and the preview will update the changes.

Folding marks [mm]

The folding marks, which guide to fold the drawing sheets, can be defined at these fields. The unit of measurement is millmetre and the preview will update the changes.

End this menu with OK and you will find your new sheet in the list under Select page format.

Draw the pages outer boundaries

Mark the check box if the extreme edges of the drawing sheet are to be drawn. These edges will refer to the size of sheet. Example: If the check box is marked and the sheet selected is A0 box, a rectangle of size 1189 X 841 will be drawn.

Folding marks (if they are defined)

Mark the check box if the folding marks are to be placed on the drawing sheet. Folding marks guide to fold the sheet. The option can be availed only, if the folding marks are defined.

Zoom on plotting

If the check box is marked Novapoint runs the AutoCAD command Zoom-Extents after executing the function.

Title box

The title box can be turned Off/On using check box at the button Title Box. Active title box is displayed to the right of this button. Use Title box to get to the menu Select title box, which enables to select pre-defined title box and configure the selected title box. A preview of the sheet selected will be displayed at the graphic area of the dialog box and end the menu with OK.


By this option you can setup the default title box, as well as adding separate title boxes directly. The title box selected will be displayed in the dialog box Editing title box.

Block name

Here you can enter the name and path to the drawing that is to be inserted as a title box block.

Slide name

Here you can enter the name and path to the slide. This slide is used to display preview of the user-defined title box in the dialog box Title box. How to make slides is described in the AutoCAD user manual (command MSLIDE). Preview of the title box will not be displayed unless slide has been created.


Width and height defines the size of the title box measured in drawing units.


Enables you to edit an existing title box.


Enables you to make a new title box. If you want to create a new title box we recommend that you use an existing title box as a basis. This is loaded as a regular drawing in AutoCAD and is edited by ordinary AutoCAD commands. However, remember to save the new title box under a new name so that the old title box is not overwritten.

Tip: A good tip if you are going to make user-defined title boxes is to draw these in the correct size in the scale 1:1000. The title box will automatically be scaled correctly when drawings with other scales are inserted.
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