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Drawing Scale

Use this tool to set the scale.

  • The scale must be set in the drawing before starting to work with functions that are scale dependent (texts, blocks, drawing frames, title box, scale bar, and lines).
  • The scale is the plotting scale for a given drawing but not the scale, with which user is drawing. The drawing scale in Novapoint is always 1:1.
  • If scale has not been set before the initialization of different functions, user will automatically be forced to fill in missing values in the dialog box, and will not be able to continue until a scale has been set. Both horizontal and vertical scale, as well as drawing unit must be set and the scale cannot be equal to zero.
  • The drawing scale can be changed at any desired time during the project work.
  • A change of scale during the work does not lead to a re-scaling of existing symbols/text. Only new symbols/texts are affected.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Drawing Scale... Drawing Scale…

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Drawing Scale…

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog box Novapoint Drawing Scale/Unit will pop up.


Horizontal scale will ensure the correct scaling of scale dependent drawing information. Select desired scale from the pull down menu. Define a scale manually if it is not in the list. In this case, Novapoint prompts to add the defined scale to the list so that it can be selected from the pull down menu in future.


Vertical scale is only used on length profiles. The vertical scale is automatically set when the horizontal scale is changed. Default vertical exaggeration is 1:5, i.e. horizontal scale divided by 5.


Define the factor for the vertical scale. This box is connected to the fields for the horizontal and the vertical scale.


Select between meter/millimetres as drawing unit. We often use meter.

By editing the configuration files, you can also add additional units like foot, miles, kilometres, etc.

Show scale dialog in new drawing

With this option one can choose whether this dialog box is to be displayed every time a new drawing is created.


With this option, the dialog will display the details of the AutoCAD parameters of the current drawing.

Plotted MM = Drawing Units, shows the right scale to plot in AutoCADs Plot menu.

The horizontal scale affects all these parameters in AutoCAD. The parameters for horizontal scale 1:1000 are shown above and the parameters for horizontal scale 1:500 are shown below:

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