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Load Module

Use this tool for the following:

  • Load/unload Novapoint modules, which are installed and licensed.
  • Reserve/release license for Novapoint modules if working on network license.
  • Enabling license borrowing when working with network floating licenses.
  • To filter out the modules, which are not of use at this moment.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Load Module Load Module…

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Load Module…

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog box Novapoint Moduleloader will pop up.

Multiple modules can be selected from the list by holding the Shift or Ctrl keys while selecting with mouse or arrow keys. The selected modules will be highlighted as shown in the above dialog box.


Novapoint modules can be loaded/unloaded by selecting the modules and using the button.

Note: You can allways confirm your action with Apply, so you can check if the license is available or not.

No action

To release the reserved license for other users, you unload the module or exit AutoCAD.

Load menu only

  • This option is the preferable mode for network floating licenses.
  • This option enables a license on demand mode for the module.
  • The lisence will be reserved from the time you first use some functionality from that specific module.

Load menu with license

  • This options acts similar to Load menu only, but reserves the module's license instantly at AutoCAD start-up.
  • If license is not available at Novapoint start-up, warning message will pop up.
  • This option is the preferable mode for single-user node-locked licenses.

List of licensed modules


By clicking the different column headers, one can sort the list in ascending/descending order.

Module name

  • Unlicensed modules are not shown in the list.
  • Using the button Options…, you can change the appearance of the list by hiding the modules, which are not in use or not used at the moment.


The program represents the status of License as follows:

  • License is available.
  • License is reserved to current user.
  • License is not available.
Note: In case of network license, the license reflects the situation on start-up. The situation might change while the module loader dialog is active, and this change will not be reflected. You can get a error message indicating something else, than the status list.


The two possible events are Load and Unload. To alter events, use the respective buttons or select Load/Unload from shortcut menu.


Version number for the module is displayed. Represented like Novapoint XX.xx where the first part represents the major release version and the latter the minor version number.


Use this function to filter out the modules, which are not or rarely in use. It can be activated from the button Options…, and use this dialog box for the following:

  • Enabling license borrowing when working with network floating licenses.
  • To filter out the modules, which are not or rarely in use.
Note: License checking process might be slow when using a license server. To speed up this use the Options… functionality to remove the modules that are not used.

All the modules, which are available with the current installation, will be listed in this dialog box. The modules that are selected in this dialog box will be listed in the dialog Novapoint Moduleloader.

  • Reducing the list in the dialog Novapoint Moduleloader will speedup the license checking process.
  • Modules, which are reserved, cannot be filtered.
  • The filter list shows all modules including the unlicensed.
  • By default all modules will be shown in the dialog box Novapoint Moduleloader.


We will recommend using the button Options to set up the modules to borrow before borrowing the licenses. This way user will not have to wait unnecessary while the system tries to check the licenses on a server that is not available. When borrowing a license follow these instructions:

  1. Borrow the license
  2. Disconnect the network cable
  3. Log the computer off the network and log on as local user (or restart the computer) Else the license borrowing will not work.

This setting will enable two functions in the dialog Novapoint Moduleloader as shown below:

  • Borrow license: This function will prompt the user to set expiration date for the borrowing period and the maximum period is limited to 30 days.
  • Apply (or OK) will change the license status icon to indicate that the license has been borrowed.
  • Return license: This function enables the user to return borrowed licenses to the network server prior to the expiration date (early return).
  • When stopping a license or returning a license there is a linger-time in the system on 300 seconds. This means that the license will not be available to other users until that.
  • Single users cannot use Borrowing and should keep the borrowing option turned off.
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