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Setting Out - from Drawing

The function creates scatter data or point lists for selected lines or single points in the drawing.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from the Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Setting Out - from Drawing…

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

When the function is started, a dialogue box appears under the command line.

Selection Method

First one decides the mode to select the point/lines in the drawing:

  • Single Points ⇒ single points.
  • Polylines (vertex) ⇒ breakpoints along a polyline.
  • Polylines (distance) ⇒ in a given interval along a polyline.
  • Polylines (segment) ⇒ segment divided polyline.

When Polylines (distance) or Polylines (segment) is used, one gives the distance or number (of segments) in the field Distance or no.

Point Description

Before selecting points/lines in the drawing, one has to give a Line number (Line no.), Point number (Point no.) and Feature code (F. code).

Mark Symbol

The selection can also be marked in the drawing with a user-defined symbol.Symbols (AutoCAD blocks) can be chosen to represent the points. The blocks need to have (0,0,0) as insertion point. In 'Option' one can also define colors and layers of the permanent marking.

Point List

Use 'Select Object»' and pick the points/lines in the drawing. One can delete one or several rows in the drawing by marking them and use 'Delete'. One can turn the marking of the points On/Off with the buttons 'Mark Point' and 'Clear Mark.' It is possible to mark a row in the point list and use 'Pan to Pint' to find the point in the drawing.



It is possible to read coordinates from file and to mark them in the drawing. File formats are:

  • TXT
  • KOF
  • PXY
  • GSI (Leica total station)

Save As

By this option you export scatter data to a file. Dile formats:

  • TXT
  • KOF
  • PXY
  • GSI (Leica total station)

Draw Table

Select this button to draw a table of the point list in the drawing.

Config Table

Here you control the layout of the table such as for example font and headlines in the table.

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