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Create Contour Colored Layering from 3Dfaces

On the basis of a triangle model (in the drawing) the height differences can be visualized by colouring the triangles in height intervals. The desired interval and color is defined in a separate control file. All these settings are carried out with the function “Create Contour colored layering from 3D faces”.


  • The function reads the elevation from the active terrain model. Hence it is essential to check the project setting for correct model.
  • Triangle Model is to be generated, stored to the Digital Terrain Model and the same is to be drawn to the AutoCAD drawing as 3D face lines before initiating the function “Create Contour Colored Layering from 3D faces”.

Run the function form the following locations:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Not available from the Toolbar

MOUS_ICO Menu: Novapoint > Terrain Information > Create Contour Colored Layering from 3D faces

KEYB_ICO Command Line: Not available from the command line

The dialog box 'Height Color' will pop up.

  • To select elements in the drawing click the button .
  • Click the button Change Color to change the color of the triangles based on the table in the drawing.
  • Click the button Interpolate to interpolate the colors of the triangles.
  • Click the button Insert to get a stamp of the colors, and Options to change the stamp.
  • Mark the check box Slise 3D Face, if you want to change the Layer.

It is also possible to export and import the color definition to a *.hc file.

Last modified: 2012/07/20 13:00 by camilla