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Copy and rotate

This tool copy and rotate the selected object(s) in a single operation.

Run the tool from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tools > Copy and Rotate

Command prompts for:

Select objects: Select all the objects and hit Return

Specify base point or displacement: Specify base point

Specify base point or displacement <Enter if same point>: Specify second point of displacement

Specify scale factor <1>: Specify scale factor

Specify rotation angle or [Copy/Reference]: Specify angle, C (copy) or R (Reference)

  • Copy - To copy the object.
  • Reference - To spesify the referance angel to the object.

Specify the reference angle <0>: Specify an angle by entering a value or by specifying two points

Specify the new angle: Specify the new angle

Last modified: 2012/10/05 10:10 by camilla