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Delete Layer

This tool deletes layers (layers with or without data) by pointing at an object or by specifying the layer name on the command line. E.g. if all the layer starting with the name K– are required to be deleted, start this tool, specify K–* at command prompts and confirm using the right button of mouse or the key Return.

Run the tool from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Tools > Delete Layer

Command prompts for: Layer to be deleted (ENTER to enable pointing): Specify the name of the layer at command prompt or hit Return to point the layer by select the object. The named layer will be deleted.

Select a reference object to delete layer: Select any object of the layer, which is to be deleted and hit Return. The layer of the object selected will be deleted.

Last modified: 2012/10/04 14:40 by camilla