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Coord. Ref. System (CRS)

The Coordinate Reference System (CRS) will be set as an integrated part of the New Quadri Model procedure. When clicking OK in the New Quadri Model dialog, a wizard will load, where you will find the Coordinate Reference System wizard page:

1. Dependent of the selected Quadri Model Template, a default CRS is defined for both projected and vertical CRS. This is shown in the Quadri Model Wizard pages.

2. Click Projected Geodetic Parameter drop down list to select another than defined in the template.

If you do not find the one you need, cancel the wizard and the New Quadri Model dialog, and go to Application Menu > Options > Spatial Reference System. Here you can decide what CRS systems who are visible.

3. Click Vertical Geodetic Parameter drop down to select the correct vertical CRS.

4. Click Next/Finish

Last modified: 2014/03/05 07:14 by vn_no_iki