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Project (def.)

QuadriDCM - a solution for model-based collaboration in a private cloud.

This is a definition of the term Project, used in the context of QuadriDCM.

Properties of a QuadriDCM project:

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Process tree - is not shareable with other projects in the same model
  • The root task in this process tree = The Project. This implies that a project is nothing but a task, or an activity, broken down to a hierarchy of activites and tasks
  • Features, produced by tasks being performed, are part of the shared feature model - they are shared between the different projects in the same model.
  • Area of Interest (AOI): A polygon defining the outermost boundary of the project (the project boundary typically would be more Limited). The area of interest is used to avoid data outside of AOI being imported or created.
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