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Item status

Status related to shared model

When working on a shared model - using QuadriDCM - you have downloaded a workset. In the Explorer you will find status flags in front of each item, informing you about what items you may work on, what items you have edited and still not shared, etc. The table below sums up the different statuses possible.

Items = Tasks, Features, links and nodes

Status icon What it means Comment
Read only Read only When last contact with server side, this item was not reserved by anyone.
Locked Locked, Read only When last contact with server side, this item was reserved by someone else, or more precise, was reserved in another workset (can even be a workset that you are the owner of.)
Reserved Reserved, in sync Reserved by you (= this workset). This also implies that this item has already been shared, and that you may edit it. Currently it is also in sync - up to date - with the version in the shared model.
Modified Reserved, is modified Item is reserved by you (= this workset) and has been modified since the last share operation.
Deleted Reserved, is removed Item is removed. This icon will not show up in the Explorer since removed items are not visualised, but during a share operation, you will see that removed items has this symbol attached.
NewNew Item is new, and added after your last share operation. It is not reserved, since it is not known to the central model yet. If you share it, it will automatically be reserved to your workset.

Other statuses

In addition items may have statuses related to errors, wether the item is historical, or if it is outside search area.

Status icon What it means Comment
Feature Group with error Feature Group with error Feature Group with one or more features with validation errors.
Feature with error Feature with validation error Error can be; mandatory attributes are missing, geometry is not according to ISO standard. For more information about validation, read this.
Overlay icon - Historic version Historic version (Overlay icon) The item version is historic. May occure in views and listings where a to-from date is matching this item's start-end date range. If you are working with the latest version of the model, historic items should not be available.
Has HistoryHas historic versions (Overlay Icon) This item is not historic itself, but it has at least one historic version.
Is outside (Overlay Icon) This item is outside the current search area.
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