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Join a Project

This function is relevant when the Quadri model is shared through QuadriDCM - a solution for model-based collaboration in a private cloud.

Use it to download a workset from the cloud, so that you can work in parallel with others in the team.

Use this procedure to join a project:

1. Click Join a Project

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Start page > Join a Project
MOUS_ICO Application menu > Join a Project
MOUS_ICO Right-click binder in Explorer > Join a Project

2. Browse the QuadriDCM Explorer (see comment 1 below)

Sign in to QuadriDCM by your user name and password. Get this from the project manager or the BIM coordinator.

3. Browse to the project, and click it

The dialogue's map area should now zoom to the selected project's area of interest (see comment 2 below).

4. Click Download at the dialogue's lower right corner

The model is downloaded to a Quadri model cashe - a workset - on your PC's hard drive. This may take some time.

Before downloading, you have the option to change the path to where you want to download the workset. Be aware of if you chose to download to file servers, instead of to your PC's local hard disks, this may badly affect the systems overall performance.

Comment 1 - Explorer Levels

The QuadriDCM Explorer has 3 levels

  • QuadriDCM services - this can be across company Levels. Each may thus have different sign in user name and passwords. If your company only have one server, you will see it here.
  • Models - for each QuadriDCM service you may have a list of models
  • Projects - in each model you may have a list of projects

Comment 2 - Mapping area zoom

The mapping area may not zoom to area of interest if the projects coordinate reference system is not supported by this view (lat-long based).

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