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Join a Project

Quadri - a solution for model-based collaboration in a private cloud.

Use it to Join a Project and thereby get a workset for the appurtenant project, so that you can work in parallel with others in the project team.

Use this procedure to join a project:

1. Click Join a Project

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Start page > Join a Project
MOUS_ICO Application menu > Join a Project
MOUS_ICO Quick access toolbar > Join a Project
MOUS_ICO Right-click binder in Explorer > Join a Project

The new workset will be added to the binder currently open in the application. If there are no open binder you will be provided the opportunity to create a new binder or open an existing one.

2. Enter the URL to the project you want to join.

A project manager can easily provide you with a complete URL by Copy - Paste from the QMM page where projects are defined.

If you don't know the URL to the project (see comment 1 below), you can use the button in the upper right corner to access the Trimble Quadri Project Explorer and browse to the wanted project.

Enter a name for the workset.

By default, the system proposes the same name as the name of project and in many situations it makes sense to use this as workset name. However, when you have multiple worksets for one project, you should use a name that help you and any system or project manager to uniquely identify a workset.

3 Click OK at the dialogue's lower right corner

The project tasks and the appurtenant features and net elements are fetched from the shared model and delivered into local Quadri cache files - a workset - on your disk (see comment 2 below). This may take some time.

Comment 1 - URL syntax

Valid URL for a project is: [protocol] :\\
[Host name or IP-address] \ [Model name] \ [Project name]

Eg. https:\\\testmodel\testproject

Comment 2 - Folder for local Quadri cache files

Folder for local Quadri cache files are specified in the application options for the Quadri client Novapoint.

Using Trimble Quadri Project Explorer

1. Browse the Trimble Quadri Project Explorer (see comment 1 below)

If not already signed you will be forced to enter your credentials.

2 Browse to the project, and click it

The dialogue's map area should now zoom to the selected project's area of interest (see comment 2 below).

3 Confirm assigned CRS for workset (see comment 3 below)

As default the CRS for the workset will be assigned with the same CRS as assigned to the shared model, which the selected project is a part. If you want to assign another CRS you may select that from the list provided below the map.

4 Click OK at the dialogue's lower right corner

A URL will be generated based on your selections in the explorer.

Comment 1 - Explorer Levels

The Trimble Quadri Project Explorer has 3 levels

  • Quadri services - this can be across company Levels. Each may thus have different sign in user name and passwords. If your company only have one server, you will see it here. If you don't see it, you might need to set up a connection.
  • Models - for each Quadri service you may have a list of models
  • Projects - in each model you may have a list of projects

Comment 2 - Mapping area zoom

In some rare situations the mapping area may not zoom to area of interest of the project if there are no available coordinate operation that can convert the projects coordinate reference system to lat-long WGS84 values.

Comment 3 - Coordinate operations

Be aware that coordinate operations may decrease the quality of the data and for some advanced geometry types it is even impossible the carry out. Most likely the project manager has defined the project so that you are not able to select any other CRS than the one assigned to the shared model.

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