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Create Quadri project

Quadri - a solution for model-based collaboration in a private cloud.

Function for creating new shareable projects in Quadri.

To create a new project, a model already has to be created. This is done in QMM. You further need Project Admin access to this model, to create a new project. Click here for more info.

Use this procedure to create a Quadri project:

1. Open the Quadri Project Manager dialogue

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Application menu > Manage Projects

2. Then browse the Quadri Explorer to where you want the project

Top-most level in the Explorer is the QuadriDCM Connections (the servers). If you don't have a connection, click here
Second level is the Quadri models, where each model has a specific Feature Type Catalogue and Coord.Ref.System
You thus need to know what model suits the project you're about to create. Or you first need to create a new model.

2. Click the + next to the Quadri connection where you want the project

Sign In to this connection by your user name and password.

3. Click the model where you want the project

4. Click Create Project

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Quadri Project Manager dialogue > The cloud-icon with the +-sign
MOUS_ICO Quadri Explorer > Right-click model node > Create project

5. Type in project Name and Description and click Next


  • In the map: Zoom to the project location and draw a boundary polygon by clicking in the map
  • Under the map: Click the area of interest. In the dialog that appears, you can either:
    • Type the coordinates
    • Select a text-file with coordinates
    • Select a file with Quadri workset - coordinates for actual area of interest are read.

7. Click Next

8. Select users from the list of All Users and then the right arrow to add them to the project

9. Click Finish

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