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Use this procedure to create a new single-user Quadri model.

1. Click New

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Start Page > New…
MOUS_ICO Application Menu > New…
MOUS_ICO Explorer > Right-Click Binder > New…

2. From the New Quadri Model dialog, select a suitable Quadri Model template

3. Accept the default (Quadri Model) name from the template - or change it to something suitable.

4. Key in a location for where you want to store the Quadri Model folder, or select from the location drop down, or click Browse, to browse to a location.

5. Accept the default Binder name from the template - or change it to something suitable

If you create a new Quadri Model when a Binder is already loaded, the Binder part will be not visible, and the new Quadri Model will be added to the current Binder.

6. Check the Create folder for Binder if you want to add a folder with the same name as the Binder.

See below for more tips on this.

7. Click OK

8. Dependent of the Quadri Model template, you now might get a Quadri Model Wizard for selecting Coordinate Reference System and Feature Type Catalog.

9. Finish the New Quadri Model Wizard

A Quadri Model file set will now be created, based on the Quadri Model template and the choises you've made during the wizard.

(If Flash is installed, you can watch a video inside this web page.)

Create Folder for Binder

  • If unchecked, the Quadri Model file set will be located in a sub-folder named the same as the Quadri Model, to the location given in step 4. The Binder file will be located with the Quadri Model file set.
  • If checked, a Binder folder will be created, and the Binder file is added here. The Quadri Model file set will now be in a sub-folder to the Binder folder. This is a good solution if you want to add many Quadri Models to one Binder.

Quadri Model File Set

All files but one is named [Quadri Model name].GDx.

One file is named [Quadri Model name].QuadriModel. This is the file you browse for when opening a Quadri Model (Generation 4) from a file location.

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