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Export to DWG

Use this to send a plan presentation in Novapoint Base to a DWG file, where the original presentation settings are preserved as good as possible.

Use this procedure:

1. Click DWG

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO Output > Export group > DWG

2. Choose a template and give the task a name.

3. Select the Plan Presentation to draw from.

  • 'Active View' will use the active view that is open right now.
  • Select a predefined Plan Presentation

4. Delimitation

  • Set a delimitation for the export to DWG. Note that all objects that are partly or fully inside the delimitation will be exported with the full geometry.

5. Select Colour strategy

  • Use ByLayer Color - If you would like to use ByLayer colors
  • Use Global Color - draws everything with one color
  • Set Color to Object - Uses the 'Fill Color' from the Presentation Setup in the Plan Presentation

6. Select if you would like the data to be draw as 3D data
If not, all DWG entities will be drawn with z-value = 0.

7. Select a schema for the 'Layer standard - mapping' (only available when the selection is a predefined Plan Presentation)
- The drop-down list shows the schemas available
- Press the cogwheel for the 'Layer standard - mapping' (only available when the selection is a predefined Plan Presentation).

In the 'Layer standard - mapping'-dialog it is possible to make connections between the Presentation Setup used, and layername to use in DWG.

8. Solid accuracy
- Define the accuracy for the solid features.

If you run AutoCAD in parallell with Novapoint Base, you can from Base menu inside AutoCAD, use an alternative command to pull a plan presentation from the Quadri model.

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