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Workset (def.)

Quadri - a solution for model-based collaboration in a private cloud.

When you connect to Quadri, with the intention to do design work or orther tasks, you will be downloading a dataset that represents the whole, or parts of the model*. We Call this dataset a workset.

The workset is a practical way of caching the model data you are interested in, to gain maximum performance, and to be able to work offline as well.

The status icons in the Explorer pane is reporting the status between the workset and the centrally shared Quadri model.

Novapoint Base is by default configured to cache the workset locally on your PC.

If you reconfigure Novapoint Base to cache the worksets on a file server, this may cause a severe performance decrease, and it is not recommended.

*Up to Novapoin 19.20 the whole model is downloaded, always. In future versions this will be more flexible, to optimize performance when you only need parts of the model anyway. Especially the Receive operation will gain from such a possibility, since you only will download changes relevant to the content of your workset.

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