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Version 19.20fp1

Updates in Novapoint Base


CHANGED: Area of interest (AOI)

  • NEW: Presentation rule which shows features outside area of interest with red color.
  • NEW: Dialogue for choosing whether to import objects outside area of interest or not.
  • NEW: QuadriDCM projects use the projects defined area as area of interest.

DWG import supports more object types.

CHANGED: Switch XY is only available when importing Laser Data.


NEW: Close multiple windows. Added the functions Close All Other Windows and Close All Windows

CHANGED: Navigation in plan- and 3D window is generally improved

NEW: Plan window has now keyboard navigation similar to the 3D window

CHANGED: Navigation mode Helicopter is added (3D window only)


CHANGED: Fixed error where the draped image went in black

CHANGED: Supports norwegian letters in filepath for ortophotos

NEW: Supports JPEG 2000

Ground Surface and Sub Surface

CHANGED: Some fixes in calculation. Boundaries containing curves can now be used.

CHANGED: Method - Settings. Dialogue for settings are improved.

NEW: Method – Settings – TIN: Added Control input data, new options for outer boundary and holes.


CHANGED: Options – Windows: Common options for plan and 3D window are moved on top under Common.

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