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Version 19.20FP3

Updates in Novapoint Base


CHANGED: Improvement of back-up of Quadri model


NEW: DWG import - possibility to convert solids and surfaces to NURB surface.

Modelling existing

NEW: Ground surface. Feature to copy. Possibility to select features that have surface geometry and copy to new features with triangulated surface geometry.

NEW: Ground surface. When grid is selected as result geometry, it is now possible to select a boundary to limit the grid surface.

NEW: Sub surface. It is possible to modify existing features with surface geometry. If you for example have closed polylines in a dwg representing sub surface area. Import them and select to create surface of closed polylines and convert them to BaseSurface (UndersideAvJordlag). Select a Sub surface as Indata and then features to modify, select the imported Base surfaces. They will now get geometry from the selected Sub surface indata.

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