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Version 19.2x.FP6

Updates in NovapointDCM Base


NEW: Classification tasks and class tasks

With FP6 we launched the ability to insert tasks for a given classification. The purpose of these tasks is to connect objects and processes in the model that maintains various considerations and purposes.

In example one classification theme can be separated by drawing key, phase division, or in example classifications acc. processes and objects in accordance with a given spesification

The individual class assignments in a classification can be linked to objects in the model. One can thus, for example, connect the objects belonging to the tasks of moving cables, demolishing houses, add a tarmac. Another example is eg. link objects belonging to one field and the person/company responsible for this field. This way you can connect information in the model with different classifications depending on the purpose you have with the classification.

Export of objects with classification codes
When objects in a model is connected to its respective process codes you can use these when exporting to DWG and LandXML. One can for these formats set up combinations of classification and description, so that eg. DWG layer names and LandXML object name is named acc. classifications.

For more info on Classification read this

NEW: When a feature is selected it is possible now in property window to see which tasks that has this feature as its result:

FIXED: Novapoint crashed if a longitudinal profile window was opened when one started a cross sectiont ask. When closing the longitudinal profile window, Novapoint crashed. This is now fixed.

FIXED: In some cases when sub surface layers where imported and used as calculation base for the road model, it did not work. This is now fixed.

FIXED: The order of the process and tasks in Explorer did not follow numerations correctly. This is now fixed.

FIXED: When a task was selected with its successors to be deleted, it was not possible to delete them. This is now fixed.

FIXED: Ortophotos draped on terrain in projects with large geographical area gave bad result. This is now fixed.

CHANGED: Default selection Select all in presentation and export tasks are removed.

In the tasks Plan, 3D, Long-/Crossection and export, the default selection Select all is removed.The OK button is deactivated and user must make selection of tasks and features in order to fullfill the task .

NEW: Area of interest can be viewed, defined and changed by right-clicking the model in the explorer window, and editing directly in the plan window.

Dynamic Query dialog

NEW: In Dynamic Query Dialog, it is possible to sort by selection both in tasks and features:

NEW: Attribute filter is added. Move mouse over wanted feature and select the filter icon to add a filter. AThe list of feature attirbute will appear. Select the attribute to add filter to:

Fill in the wanted filter:

When the attribute filter is saved, the Dynamic Query Dialog heading will give you the number of result features. The number given behind feature type is the numer of feature of this type.

NEW. In presentation setup

  • Text for all conditions are shown as read only
  • New dialog for saving file
  • Filter function in list view


NEW: Meassure area:

IMPROVED: Meassure distance, it is now possible to continue measurement as a line of many points:

NEW: In meassure tool, Undo (Ctrl + Z) is added to go back to previus measured point

NEW: Snap to midpoint. (Activate/deactivate snap functionalities with right mouse click)

Ground surface

IMPROVED: Possible to select outer boundary with Dynamic Query.

IMPROVED: Genereal bug fixing and improvement.


NEW: Support transformation from NN54 to NN2000

NEW: IFC import - Assigning Global Coordinate

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files importing in Novapoint DCM updated related to the import process of assigning Global coordinate. The import of IFC files is based on the buildingSMART® IFC and IAI (International Alliance for Interoperability) data exchange standards i.e. IFC2x3 (recommended), IFC2x2, and IFC2x. We use the standard Novapoint DCM import method > for importing the IFC files as reference model in DCM which you need to give a name, choose file type and the conversion rule (possible to make own).

In the FP6 update, the Novapoint IFC importing process and the dialog box for assigning Global Coordinate becomes more flexible related to choosing the position/coordinates of the Δx, Δy and Δz input to give the IFC model position correct in DCM. In this FP6 update, the Δz input is mostly required depending on your IFC data.

It is recommend using a free model viewer like Solibri, Tekla Bimsight or Text Pad to get the information about the exact location of the IFC model data and the difference mostly elevation, which you can decide before importing.

NEW: Import using a defined aea. Add a polygon in the dynamic query dialog - drawing directly in the plan window. Only objects inside the area will be imported

ENHANCEMENT: DWG import has expanded the option to merge 3D faces from the same layer during import.

Updates in Novapoint Base AutoCAD

AutoCAD Configuration for Novapoint

Added support for AutoCAD 2016 products in confiuration switcher.

NB: Not fully tested yet.

Draw from Quadri

When creating a cross section task in BaseDCM and selecting and alignment, then draw these profiles in AutoCAD, the profile numbers were not correct. This is fixed.

Ribbon menu updated

Draw map symbols - Added SymbolHB139 to the ribbon menu.

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