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Version 19.3x.FP3

Updates in Novapoint Base

Novapoint on Microsoft Windows 10.

Novapoint 19.30.FP3 and Novapoint 19.35.FP3 has been tested on Microsoft Windows 10. Older versions of Novapoint may also work on Microsoft Windows 10 but will not be fully supported.

Incomplete stored model

In FP3 a new feature that will make it easier for the user to keep working after an incomplete storage has been added. The feature extracts the backup file so that the model will return to the state at last successful storage.

What to do :

1. Open the model in the usual way .

2. An error message saying Operation failed shows up

3. Press OK

4. A binder with a gray model in Explorer opens. The model is marked with ” Load Failed”

5. Right-click the model and choose ” Rollback ”

6. You then get a message saying Rollback of model.

7. Click OK

8. The model is now being rolled back by extracting backup file of the current model. When it is finished a new message Saying “Model rollback: model was rolled back” appears.

9. Click OK

10. The model is now ready to be scanned again . This can be done by right-clicking on the model again in Explorer and select “Load ”

11. The model is now read hopefully without problems

Presentation Setup

NEW: Show/Hide. A new pane is added to the Presentation Setup, where you can show or hide tasks that are included in a presentation, a more easy accessible way of manipulating the content of the presentation (temporarily) than changing the presentation content at task level.

NEW: New presentation rule: “Default”. Improved visualization by using more realistic textures.

FIXED: Previously, it was not possible to validate objects that were not reserved. But they were still marked as invalid (red). This is now corrected. Only reserved objects are shown as invalid.

FIXED: Some ground investigation objects were shown as invalid without the possibility to validate them. This is now fixed, so that the user can validate the ground investigation objects and change them to valid objects.

FIXED: When importing dbs-files with several boreholes in the same location, some of the related borehole investigations lost the connection to their mother bore hole. This is now corrected.

Terrain shaping

Basic Enhancements

  • Much more advanced palette of options when setting out elevation line
  • Edit multiple point elevations on elevation line
  • Generating elevation lines from line objects in model
  • Create stand alone hole polygon elevation lines 
  • Undo /redo 
  • Set existing point elevation when in text box
  • Enhanced use of textbox: more windows like
  • Updated delete possibilities 
  • Quick save button in ribbon
  • Enhanced snap functionality
  • Import Terrain shaping task into point elevations in ACAD
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