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Version 21.xx.FP1

Updates in Novapoint Base


IMPROVED: This update contains general bug fixes and improvements

IMPROVED: Opening 3D windows from “View in 3D” from selected tasks/features in Explorer are now quicker. These windows are now opened with drawing rule Sketch. This can be changed from N > Options > Windows

N > Options

NEW: In N > Options > Windows, user can now set the default drawing rule for Presentation task and for 'View in plan/3D“ separately for both plan and 3D windows.


NEW: Select multiple Import tasks, right mouse click and select “Run as batch”. A re-import of all the selected import tasks will be done. (Exceptions are the Geosuite Project and RailML imports that must be run separately)


NEW: External Data Sources > Tekla Civil. This is a new external data source task for Finnish customers to be able to connect to Tekla Civil functionalities.



NEW/CHANGED: Subsurface tool has been improved so that when both indata with point geometry and Surface to follow is combined, then the result TIN surface will follow the selected indata points (previously only points at the boundary were included in the final TIN result.) Also the setting for Remove long-edged triangles works when both indata and Surface to follow is selected.

Road, Elevation, Alignment, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface

NEW: Settings dialog added with possibility to set Phase, medium and Generic Attribute to result features for relevant tasks.

Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping, Slope Surface

NEW: Priority in Calculation Base added in Setting for Road, Elevation, Railway, Terrain Shaping and Slope surface. In Settings in each tool, user can go into TIN priority and change the priority of calculation base. The task on top of list will have the highest priority.


Presentation Setup

IMPROVED: ColorStripe and TextSymbol renderhandlers have now UI to change the parameters.

Table View

NEW:You can now save and compare results if you eg. change and build a road again

Drawing Rule Editor

IMPROVED: Bug fixes in drawing rule editor. See Drawing rule editor User Guide for more description.


NEW: Added possibility to export 3D presentation to 3Dpdf Run the tool and select a 3D presentation or active view to export. It is advised to only use for smaller parts of the model as 3Dpdf does not support large amount of features. Use the Select Features possibilities in the tool to minimize amount of features to export.

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