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Version 21.xx.FP4

Updates in Novapoint Base


NEW: Support for AutoCAD 2020 products

FIXED: This Feature Pack contains general bug fixes and improvements

NEW: Open workset from the start page

IMPROVED: Default location for new Binders created in the context of Join a Project or Open Workset is now the folder where you recently created or opened a Binder.

NEW: You can now easily Join a Project by using a URL to the project.A project manager can easily provide a complete URL to the project team by Copy - Paste from the QMM page where projects are defined.

Drawing rules editor

IMPROVED: Add possibility to save themes separately from PS

FIXED: Problem with reading/writing drawing rule with themes

Convertion rules

FIXED: Creating netelement without creating feature

NEW: Save button in edit dialog

NEW: Up/down buttons to re-arrange order of convertion rules


FIXED: Orthophoto not showing correctly in EA, ok in NP base

FIXED: Bug when first time zooming in data with WMS

FIXED: Crash when clicking save as task while another task is in edit mode

FIXED: SketchUp - Result feature doesn't add to modified

FIXED: DGN Import: Missing solid


IMPROVED: SketchUp - import Sketchup to Novapoint part

NEW: Conversion rule for SOSI 5

NEW: Implement re-import option: read new and modified files only

NEW: Import from folder

NEW: Import of DANDAS format

NEW: Possibility to run tasks based on prescheduling, Import run as a batch, can now use Windows Task Scheduler to automatically start an import from a folder, and share to server during night, to upgrade eg. terrain data if new/changed files, and add to model. Guide here.

Modelling (extrude/sweep)

FIXED: Bugfixing and improvments

NP20 - > NP21 Migration

NEW: New tool - Upgrade corridore tasks: Help when upgrading a model from NP20 to NP21, used to upgrade tasks like: ROAD, RAILWAY and W&S and all its dependencies, inlcuding the alignements. You can select which ones you want to upgrade and all are done autmatically.


FIXED: Login problem

FIXED: Error supporting large files



FIXED: Drawing Rule editor - Adding insertion point to text render handler

FIXED: Table view tool crash when use trim feature

Dynamic query (clip boundary)

NEW: Option to select a feature type to clip

NEW: Clip boundary export to file

NEW: Dynamic Query control able to query by the feature shape

NEW: Functionality for selcting object only based on attribute values



FIXED: DWG Export: Export Road Model as DWG does not export all (error message)

Civil3D Connector

FIXED: Civil3D Connector does not import a Comparison surface (TIN Volume Surface)

FIXED: Civil3D Connector has problem with creating task

IMPROVED: Updating the Civil3D Connector task with new and exsisting object is unstable.

Easy Access

NEW: Support export of ortophoto to Easy Access

NEW: Support export of text to Easy Access

IMPROVED: Transparency/hole in model now works in Easy Access


IMPROVED: Added support for SketchUp 2019

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