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Reporting a new case to support

What do we need from the customer when reporting a new case?

To help you as a customer as quickly as possible, both in understanding the problem and to set the case on the right domain expert, we need some information right from the start.

Specify Novapoint version and Feature Pack:

We need to know this to test in the same version, as well as to check version history if any errors has been fixed. Example: NP20.00.FP7a or NP21.10.FP4.

This information can be found in the program under N > Help > About Novapoint

Specify Novapoint module or task type you are working in:

For example, if you write “Error with calculation” this can apply to both Road, Railway, W&S, Terrain etc. Remember to help us understand which module or task you are working on.

Steps to repeat:

Write in detail what you do and where you might not get the result as expected, or a crash. This helps us to try to reproduce the same situation.

Attaching pictures / screenshots that illustrate what you are doing is very helpful.

Upload model or files:

Are you thinking about uploading the model? If you have a case where support is likely to inspect the model, send the model in the first mail. This can save you time rather than having to ask about it later.

Model can be uploadedas follows:

Check Novapoint Resource Center:

Did you know that you can find some information on how to use the features on our help pages? There you can also find some tips and tricks and FAQs that can help you further. Maybe you find out about the case yourself?

Did you solve the case yourself:

Sometimes you are quick to submit the case to support, but manage to resolve it yourself. Feel free to let us know so we can spend our time on your colleague instead :)

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