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How to start Novapoint Base

Use this procedure to start Novapoint Base:

MOUS_ICO Double-click desktop icon
MOUS_ICO Click Start > All Programs > Novapoint 19.[version]

How to launch Autocad from Base

You may launch AutoCAD from Novapoint Base.

Find it here:

MOUS_ICO In Status bar, at rightmost position, see illustration
MOUS_ICO Click on “Not started” and AutoCAD will launch

How it looks before

Autostart AutoCAD with Novapoint

Use this procedure to make AutoCAD always and automatically start together with Novapoint Base.

1. Click the arrow on the AutoCAD launch button, see above

2. Check “Autostart Autocad with Novapoint”

Automatically close Novapoint when Autocad is closed

Use this procedure to make Novapoint Base close automatically if AutoCAD is closed:

1. Click the arrow on the same button as you loaded AutoCAD from, see above.

2. Check “Automatically close Novapoint when Autocad is closed”

NB! It may take a few seconds before Novapoint closes down.

Autocad must be closed before you may close Novapoint.

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