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Export Orthophoto to Easy Access

In Novapoint 21 FP4a there is now a possibility to export Orthophoto and WMS directly to Easy Access from Novapoint.
It can also cut out the road/rail model from the terrain automatically.

There is a couple things that should be considered before doing this.
In some cases adding the terrain with Orthophoto directly to Easy Access can give a better result (see here).

This is a checklist that should be followed:

  • Source Features

It is important here that you do NOT include the terrain in the source features query.
If you do, this will lead to problems with the drawing rule and double textures.

  • GRID geometry

For creating a less heavy terrain upon export use GRID as terrain geometry instead of TIN.

GRID size and orientation

The most important parameter. A higher input here produces less data and faster publishing to Easy Access.

Search Distance (m)

If you experience holes in the generated GRID terrain, set this value higher.

  • Transparency area

If you use Transparency area, choose the OuterBoundary (UnderGrunnsflate, Terrasyta) for Road or LowestConstructionWorkSurface (LavesteGravenivåFlate) for Railway and NOT the whole road/rail model.
This will greatly reduce the calculation time and yield better results.
NB: You can choose any feature which has a SURFACE geometry here. The cutting will not work against any other geometry type.

  • Transparency grade

Transparency grade need to be 100% for the cutting to work.

  • WMS

When exporting WMS it may happen that the size of the requested image is too big, Novapoint will then reduce this and restart the publishing process.

The WMS and Orthophoto can be heavy in the browser if the length of the GRID edges are too small. In that case we recommend to use the Add presentation option.

  • Drawing rule

Choose the Orthophoto and Default drawing rule and export the 3D Presentation to Easy Access.


In the FP4 Release GRID is not supported in the publishing, but this will be supported in the upcoming FP4a update. You can create a terrain with TIN geometry of the GRID as a workaround until FP4a is released.


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