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Setup and Configuration

When you order Quadri, you will get the same number of licenses for Quadri Easy Access.

To order Quadri and Easy Access, or to activate Easy Access on your current Quadri server, send an e-mail to

When the contract for Quadri has been signed, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to set up both Quadri and Easy Access.

The e-mail will tell you to:

  1. Install Quadri on your server
  2. Sign in to QMM (Quadri Model Manager) and add the license key
  3. To activate Easy Access, you need a Trimble ID with administrator access. You can use an existing Trimble ID, or create a new one at Trimble ID. Click the button in the e-mail to give your Trimble ID administrator access.
  4. Enable projects in QMM to make them available for Easy Access
  5. Sign in to Easy Access and give access to users for each project
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