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Import Wizard

There is a general concept in Novapoint 19 to use the Import Wizard to load external data into the model. This also applies to Geotechnics. However, there is a significant difference compared to other imports when it comes to importing data from GeoSuite Toolbox. You do not need to configure or choose any conversion rules since the data structure for GeoSuite project is identical to the model in Novapoint!

We will in this section show the procedure for loading GeoSuite data into a Novapoint 19 model. Note! There is no need to have GeoSuite Toolbox installed on your computer - only Novapoint Base is needed!

Prepare the GeoSuite Project

To import geotechnical data from GeoSuite Toolbox directly into the model in Novapoint needs the GeoSuite project to be prepared.

This requirement means that the coordinate system (CRS) (plane and height systems) must be registered in GeoSuite Toolbox. For this, refer to the documentation for GeoSuite Toolbox.

Having prepared the project can be loaded …

Start the Import Wizard

  1. Activate the pane “Insert” and choose the Tool “Import Files”.
  2. Give the activity a suitable name and decide under which aktivity in the process tree this import belongs:
  3. Choose File filtering to “GeoSuite Project (*.dbs;*.dbsx)”:
  4. Browse to the folder containing the GeoSuite database (Autograf.dbs)
  5. Select the database file Autograf.dbs and press [OK] button.
  6. If the GeoSuite settings for CRS as the Novapoint model, the Import Wizard opens. (Otherwise you will get an option how to deal with this discrepancy. This is not described in this article.)
  7. The Import Wizard contains a number of steps. There is two steps specific for importing GeoSuite projects - Language: You have to check/correct the “national” standrads of the origin for the GeoSuite data - Swedish or Norwegian. Import: What data should be imported. Default is any geotechnical interpretations made in the project (soil layer interpretations). Check or uncheck if you need to import rawdatafiles (stack data from field registrations - bore riggs) or alignments used in GeoSuite project.
  8. When finished press the [OK]-button.
  9. The data is now processed - it will take some time… After the import process is finished it is possible to preview the result: (See more about Visualization rules)
  10. Complete the import by pressing [Finish] in the import tool.
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