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Presentation rule Geotechnical SoilRock

With this display style for viewing data in a plan view, you can easily see where in the model there are interpreted soil and rock. By setting a scale on the desired property, this appears very clearly in a plan view.

With this view as a basis, one can in turn create external boundaries for models on the selected property. Together with the maximum side length for triangles setting for a model, this can provide a nicer edge on the modeled area - without long triangular sides.

Step by step

  1. Create a plan view selecting the boreholes and any other data You need for orientation in the model.
  2. Select the presentation rule “Geotechnical SoilRock”
  3. Now the existing interpretations in boreholes or in supportive extra points of soil and rock is shown as colored symbols (red for rock, yellow for clay, etc.) SoilRock original
  4. If there is several interpreted properties on the same XY location, only the top soil layer symbol will be visible. In order to see underlying interpretations as “rock” we will change the scaling factor for rock.
  5. In the presentation settings: expand the node “Geotechnical interpretation of Sub surface” and the node “Tolkad punkt” beneath.
  6. Click on the property to scale and make more visible.
  7. Click on the panel “Presentation” and expand “Symbol” and “Attribute”
  8. ALter the “Unit multiplier” (=1 is standard) to a suitable value. Press <Enter> to finish. Presentation settings
  9. Nu visas vald symbol större enligt vald multiplikator. Man kan nu använda detta för att till exempel skapa en yttre eller inre avgränsningslinje.

SoilRock with scaling

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