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Configure GeoSuite to user the same profile as AutoCAD/Civil3D

You may configure GeoSuite Toolbox to use the same profile data as the shortcut for start from Desktop.

  1. Right click ondesktop icon and choose Properties
  2. Copy every thing after “acad.exe” - not the initial blank - comaper the picture below.
  3. Open GeoSuite Toolbox and open Settings→Configuration file
  4. Look for the parameter ACADOPT= under section [SYSTEM] - if there is no such parameter - cretae a new line and create it
  5. Paste the copied data from the AutoCAD/Civil3D shortcut - be shure not to have any initial blank! The result may look as:
  6. ACADOPT=/ld “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2017\\AecBase.dbx” /p “«C3D_Metric»” /product “C3D” /language “en-US”
  7. Save the settings and restart GeoSuite Toolbox - You should now get the same profile settings as if You started from the desktop icon.

Shortcut to AutoCAD/Civil3D:

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