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Windows can´t find GeoSuite.Core.IO.AgrafCls100.dll

When starting GeoSuite Presentation this message may be dispaled:

This is because Windows can not find the program file mentioned in the dialog box.

Try to restart the GeoSuite Toolbox to see if the problem reoccurs - if so You may have to help Windows findning it by putting the path into Your System path variable.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Start menu - Choose This Computer - and Pproperties
  2. Now should the Control Panel show
  3. Select Advanced settings
  4. In the next dialog - Select “Environment variables”
  5. Select the variable PATH and Edit
  6. Add the path, from the GeoSuite shortcut (example below), at the end och the PATH string

C:\Program Files (x86)\Vianova\Novapoint\GeoSuite\2015\Binaries

You may have to alter the “2015” in this exemaple to adopt to Your instalation folder. Check this by selecting “Properties” for the desktop icon for starting GeoSuite Toolbox.

The picture below shows the dialog boxes mentioned above:

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