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Area Label on defined Area

Use this function to annotate selected object (area) with its area.

  • Pre-conditions:
  • Only the areas defined using the function 'Define' (sub-menu: Areas) can be initiated to this function.
  • This function does not support other objects.
  • Novapoint will retrieve the area of selected object (as it is defined using the function 'Define') and insert the same as a text label at user-defined insertion point.
  • Area will be represented in square metre.

Run the function from the following location:

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Annotation > Area Label on defined Area
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Annotation: Area Label on defined Area

Command prompts for:

Pick area:

Select the area, for which area label is to be inserted.

Pick text position:

Pick the insertion point for the text label.

Tip: * The 'Drawing Scale' (Novapoint Base function) settings will reflect this function.

  • Insert label with different setting in 'Drawing Scale' and notice the effect of drawing scale setting.
  • The function 'Drawing Scale' can be called from the menu 'Novapoint' or the toolbar 'Novapoint Base'.
  • For further details on the function 'Drawing Scale', refer the topic 'Drawing Scale' from the tab 'Contents' of this help file.
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