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Symbol Legend

This function builds and draws out a legend for symbols in the drawing. Individual elements can be turned on or off in the legend.

MOUS_ICO Menu: Landscape > Annotation > Symbol Legend
MOUS_ICO Toolbar: Annotation: Symbol Legend

When the function starts the drawing is searched for symbols set out from the symbol library (Water/Sewer, Electrical, Illustration and Vegetation). A dialogbox will apear. Symbols are grouped by symbolname, code, description #1 and description #2, and is presented in a tree-list with coloured nodes. Select the elements to be included in the legend and click OK. Then select the insertion point of the Symbol Legend.


The Nodes in the tree-list can be red, yellow or green. You can include or exclude individual elements by clicking the nodes so that the colour changes.

  • Red = The Symbol is excluded from the legend
  • Yellow = underlaying nodes in the tree-list is mixed
  • Green = Symbol is included in the Legend


On the right side of the dialog you can check the boxes to include symbol descriptions from the fields code, description #1, Description #2 in the legend.


By selecting the pane Setup in the right side of the dialog you can control how to draw the elements in the legend.


Specify the name of the layer to draw the Legend.


This is where you define the size (length and height) for the 'frames' surronding each symbol in the legend. You also define the offset distance between each frame. The frame is not draw but is only used for defining the distances between symbols.


Define the font end size for text in the legend.

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